Coral Connections
behind the scenes

Throughout the production of Coral Connections, we had the opportunity to work with a number of remarkable individuals striving to protect the coral reefs in the Mexican Caribbean. Both on screen and behind-the-scenes they helped us to see the many cultural, linguistic, ethnic and human connections that tie all of our lives to the reefs.

From cave diver Sam, journalist Adriana, native Mayan Homobona and scientist Roberto each offers a unique perspective regarding the challenges and opportunities we all face.

When the going gets rough...
Location: Cancun
Date: Wednesday 5/30/07

It was our first top shoot day. The 10-day shooting schedule was very tight. We had to get material for two different projects: "Coral Connections" and "Dirty Secrets" (an episode of Strange Days on Planet Earth), so we were eager to capture the paradise in its maximum splendor as soon as possible. From its end, the weather didn't seem to have received the shooting schedule in time.

As the saying goes ... "when the going gets rough, the rough get going", so Mark Knobil, the cameraman, Dino DiStefano, the soundman, and Ana Salceda, the producer, started to shoot "Coral Connections" against all odds.