Coral Connections
meet the cast

Throughout the production of Coral Connections, we had the opportunity to work with a number of remarkable individuals striving to protect the coral reefs in the Mexican Caribbean. Both on screen and behind-the-scenes they helped us to see the many cultural, linguistic, ethnic and human connections that tie all of our lives to the reefs.

From cave diver Sam Meacham, journalist Adriana Varillas, native Mayan Homobona Borges and scientist Roberto Iglesias-Prieto each offers a unique perspective regarding the challenges and opportunities we all face.

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Sam Meacham, Cave Diver and Director of El Centro Investigador del Sistema Acuífero de Quintana Roo (CINDAQ)
Originally from Austin, Texas, Sam has lived in the area for the last 6 years. He is involved in area cave exploration and has explored in the Temple of Doom, Cenote Aiin, Cenote Kalimba, Pac Chen, and Xibalba. Sam collaborates with Scientists Mario Rebolledo-Vieyra and Roberto Iglesias-Prieto as a cave diver to provide hard data on water depth and saline intrusions. As the Director of CINDAQ, he is responsible for community relations, mapping, video documentation, and logistics. He helped set up exploration projects in Esmeralda and Ya’ax Kai. Sam feels very committed to the Mexican future. His passion for Maya culture and exploration is contagious.