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Sea Studios Foundation creates innovative strategies that draw on the broad appeal of mass media, such as television and the Internet, along with new media platforms and the power of community events. We begin with extensive research to identify measurable goals and to understand how best to reach diverse audiences—public, business executives, or elected officials—in the US and internationally. Only after rigorous analysis does the creative process begin. To ensure that we make a difference, we routinely use comprehensive evaluations to measure impact.

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In the commons
Sea Studios harnesses the power of television to transform the hearts and minds of millions in the US and internationally. We design films that overcome traditional barriers to reaching the public, carefully choosing themes and stories that raise issue awareness and overall environmental literacy. For instance, our award-winning Strange Days on Planet Earth series overcame 'eco-fatigue' and won back viewers who had previously tuned out of environmental programming. The ultimate goal of programs such as these is to offer viewers a conceptual and emotional framework that supports a lifetime of continued interest and engagement.