National Geographic and Sea Studios Foundation's award-winning series Strange Days on Planet Earth is coming to an iPod near you! Follow actor Edward Norton as he hosts a string of investigations into our world's changing water supply, showing us how pollutants and overfishing can create havoc in the unlikeliest of places. From dangerous baby bottles in America's heartland to baboons running amok in the depths of Africa, these podcasts show us ways in which our everyday actions can be the catalysts for great calamity...or great change.

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Plastic Plague
Discover what happens when plastic debris wreaks havoc on the ocean and the environment.

Poisoned Waters
Find out how poisonous explosions off Namibia’s coast are connected to the loss of local fish stocks.

Grilled Baked Broiled or Fried
Discover how underwater space-age aquapods and artificial ecosystems are helping to bring fish-farming operations into the future.

Striped Bass
In the Chesapeake Bay, researcher Wolfgang Vogelbein is tracking a deadly disease that is killing of the regions prime sport fish -- striped bass.

Dirty Secrets
The Yucatan Peninsula’s most dramatic tourist attraction is its beautiful coral reefs. But why are they disappearing?

Your Ocean on Acid
Organisms comprising the very foundation of the marine food web are in jeopardy with potentially devastating consequences. This is your ocean on acid.

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